holy moly, are these girls not the most BEAUTIFUL things you've ever laid your eyes on? This started as a way to kick off the senior season with a bang but ended up as the most fun hang out session with some dear friends. I have been friends with some of these girls for years and others are more recent but we all became close buddies by the end of the night. So many giggles, some serious conversations about life, lots of smeyes-ing (thank you, tyra banks.) and so many gorgeous shots. I can barely contain myself. Ladies, you have so warmed my heart with your encouraging words, your willing hearts and your lively spirits. You all will do incredible things in your life and I'm so excited to watch you do just that. This next season in your life will be so beautiful as seniors, take advantage of every opportunity, hold onto every memory and take captive of everything you love. XO

Emma & Lucy- Albemarle High School
Siena & Ashlyn- Monticello High School