Some of the most exciting news i've ever shared-- we're engaged!!! Skip on over to November 8th and see all those lovely Christmas styled shoots? Well what everyone doesn't know is that behind that camera was my favorite assistant who had a gorgeous ring hidden in his car just waiting to surprise me. 

Now lets back up to when I said "I can never be surprised, I'm too nosey. And David can never surprise me, he's too honest." So on Friday night, both of those statements just got completely thrown out the window, when David randomly showed up at my doorstep at midnight, cheese & daisies in hand. My dream man. 

Saturday morning came quickly and we, along with my dear friend Rachel, worked our butts off pulling together my first styled shoot. David, being the incredible servant that he is, was there to help in any way her could, all day: fluffing pillows, fixing blankets, adjusting wagons, and even babysitting little kiddies while mom & dad had their own time in front of the lens. 

We were winding down the day with only one shoot left, and as we were cleaning up, I asked him to take a box back to the car. Little did I know that he slipped the ring into his front pocket... when he got back to the spot where I was straightening up, I hugged him & suddenly felt him reach into his front pocket instead of hug me. 

Even though I knew it was coming soon, I had no idea it would be that weekend-- he led me to believe that it wouldn't be anytime soon... the twist to the story was that he didn't think it would be anytime soon either. The ring shipped on thursday, delivered to davids house on friday, and because he was working & leaving straight from work, his mom ran the ring to Folklore (where he works) just hours before he left. Getting down on one knee was not in the plan for the weekend, but I sure am thankful for 1 day shipping!

Before I knew it, a sparkle caught my eye from his pocket and I freaked, throwing my phone across the christmas tree farm and falling to the ground. It's a natural inclination of mine to fall when things are funny, surprising, exciting. It's a bit ridiculous, but normal. As I'm covering my face down on my knees, all I hear David say is "Can you get up so I can ask you a question?"

"Sarah Lynn Tichenor, will you marry me?" were his next words and "Yes!!!!!" was mine.

What a complete & joyful honor of being able to marry this incredible man. 

We've been called to the most compelling, most challenging but yet most potentially impactful partnership. One that screams to the world that this is what the gospel is. A marriage is representative of Jesus and His church, that we demonstrate in a unique way that this is what Jesus has done for His people: lovingly sacrificially laying down His life, a demonstration of humble service, going to the cross for His bride, His people, the Church. David representing Christ as his role, and I, joyfully following the leadership of this man in humble submission just as the Church follows Christ, going against the cultural norm to respect this man and following him even when it isn't easy, even when the road ahead is difficult.

Agape love is a distinct form of love, its a love that resonates with a love that God has for us as His people. David, a son of the Father. Myself, a daughter of the Father, in that He loves us just as we are: in our sin, in our foolishness, in our failures, and from the overflow of that love from the Father we love that person just as they are, during the highs and during the lows. In times of failure, in times of hardship, in a life lived and a marriage lived that is about the Gospel and reflective of Christ and His church. The world may see this as foolishness & the enemy will want this covenant to be broken because the world hears marriage as freedom, and laughs. But as we enter this amazing new season of forever, we'll embrace true freedom through commitment because there is freedom in the name & sake & love of Jesus. 

October 10th, 2015 will be the best day ever.