This week our speaker spoke to us on lordship-- giving everything we have to Jesus. Letting him be Lord over every area of our lives. It was a heavy week of giving things to Jesus. Our class was transformed by the reality of laying down our lives for who Jesus says he is & that its actually a joy when we do so because He's so much greater than what we expect. On family night, we watched "Holy Ghost", a documentary of people who went out with the mission of encountering people with the Holy Spirit. We were all so inspired that we couldn't help ourselves but let the Holy Spirit rain in our tent & let Him move. We prayed for hours for healing and breakthrough and Jesus showed up. Healings happened & lives were changed. Guys, God is SO BIG and he cares about the things that we think are petty. It's incredible to come to the realization that the Creator of the universe cares about your little problem, enough that he would come down and take care of it. WILD.