So the hipster in me couldn't do it anymore. I had to attempt my own flower crown. And let me tell you one thing. IT'S HARD. IT'S HARDER THAN IT LOOKS. That surprised me, it looks relatively easy but dang its kinda hard haha. My future sister in law was in town for the weekend and we decided to stop by Trader Joes to see what was in stock. BEAUTIFUL eucalyptus met us when we walked through the door, along with other beautiful flowers. We took our favorites home and began experimenting. I'm sure there are a thousand tutorials on pinterest, but one more doesn't hurt the inter web, right?!


You'll need:

Flowers of choice


Flower tape




Our wire headband was already made, so we just went right ahead in cutting our greenery. We had an idea of what we wanted it to look like so we just went for it! We knew we wanted a clump of flowers with greenery on the edges. After we finished cutting our greenery, we placed and taped it the way we wanted. The same process went along with the flowers, cut, place, tape. And thats it! Take your time and be intentional about what you're doing. Look for ideas and have a goal, that was our hardest challenge. But most importantly, have fun, do it with your friends, laugh and eat delicious food (thats really the best part).