Oh, what joy it brings me to be writing this post! My best friend is engaged to the love of her life! Corinne & I met in a bible class at Liberty University our freshman year. We both had made friends with this rambunctious, outgoing, crazy kid who found the two most non-event, independent, quiet girls in the class and made us all sit together. Corinne & I were those two girls. Since that day, we were inseparable, an instant connection that has proven so faithful & constant. Through long distance (pretty much always), across the state, the country & the world, Corinne has always been that friend that calls & life kind of seems less hectic, a calm in the storm. She's an energetic goof who beautifully compliments the crazy wild side in me. 

Over the years, we've always talked & wondered what kind of man would win her heart. And Evan, well, I couldn't think of a more perfect person for Corinne. With such grace (and utter silliness), they pull confidence and wonder out of each other. They are so captivated with Jesus and His faithfulness in bringing them together. I love watching two stories come together & crash into each other. I'm so thankful these two, against all odds, found each other & fell in love. Corinne & Evan, thank you for allowing me to capture the beauty that you carry together. David & I can't wait for your blissful day!!