We have been looking & searching for something to fill this giant kitchen of ours. We were tempted to buy one outright from places like Ikea and target but the price tag was just too much for us to handle. So we decided to be patient and wait for a dresser or SOMETHING that we could turn into an island. When we redid our desk in our office (just attached our old legs to a new top from Lowe's), we needed a purpose for the old top. After waiting and waiting, scrolling up and down, we finally found this baby on Craigslist for $15. The cabinets are a little crooked and the drawers need some TLC but it totally does it's job. (I snagged this photo in the beginning stages of priming!).

Long story short, all we did was paint the bottom of the "island", sand & re-stain the top that we had (with Minwax Red Oak & four coats of Poly). And then attached it by screwing into the bottom of the island top! We got new fixtures & we bought the stools from the same guy who sold us the bottom! Literally, that's it. And it turned out way better than we expected.