Ketura & Ethan got married in the middle of February on the most beautiful day possible. Their story is a good one, their love carried them through High School & different Colleges, seeing each other every day and long distance, a little bit of everything. And on February 18th, they committed the rest of their lives together. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful at the Booking House in Manheim, PA. From details like the sweetest letters read at the first look to the special song sang at the ceremony to sharing the date with Ketura's dads birthday, the day was unique and one big celebration of Ketura & Ethan becoming family. We asked them to share a few moments from the day to help better tell their story, enjoy reading through this gorgeous February wedding!

"We desired for it to be a celebration with all of our friends and family members who have encouraged us, supported us and been great examples for us throughout the years.We thought it was special to have so many of our closest friends and family present as we got ready and prepared for the big day. Ethan enjoyed being able to spend go fishing with several of his groomsmen early in the morning."

"We mainly chose to do the first look so that we could have our first special moments together and alone and to share notes with each other. We were glad that we did that because it saved us time between the ceremony and reception so that way we could spend time with the guests instead of taking pictures. We also appreciated being able to relax together while we waited for the ceremony to begin because it is our day."


"Two of Ketura's close family members sang a cappella during the ceremony. They modified the lyrics to fit with the ceremony theme. Ethan took a ballroom class this past fall and taught Ketura how to waltz and tried it out for the first dance. We loved how the venue looked with the exposed brick and wood as well as the eye-catching chandelier and fireplace. Ketura specifically loved the illusion back of her wedding dress. We also loved the bouquets and floral arrangements with lots of greenery and a touch of color. Several days before the wedding we enjoyed an afternoon making the chocolate covered wedding favors with our parents and some siblings. It was also special to share our wedding day with Ketura's dad's birthday and to be able to honor him during the reception. Oh and the whoopie pie cake was unique."


"Don't get too hung up on the details because afterwards you realize that those details you were so concerned about or paid so much for, really didn't matter as much as you thought they would and the day goes by too fast. Otherwise, we'd say to enjoy every moment of the planning for the wedding while also putting lots of focus on preparing for your marriage because that lasts a lot longer than the wedding day."


Dress: Church Street Bridal Shop in Lynchburg Va.

Hair: Sophia Mast and friends

Make up: Stephanie Burrell and friends from Sephora

Flowers: Sharon Hess

Cake: Whoopie pie cake from Bird In Hand Bakery

Caterer: Stoltzfus Catering

Venue: The Booking House

DJ: Bring on the Bash