Erik & Ellie are some sweet friends of ours-- we met Erik when we lived in Hawaii & instantly became buds. Ellie, we didn't meet until a little while later but we have been fighting alongside of these two in their pursuit of each other & their relationship. This day was such a celebration of the journey they've been on together & everyone who have walked with them. Dance party & all.

Most of all, we loved watching our friend become a husband & the joy he had as he spent the day with his bride. Best first look to date. 

Erik & Ellie, we love you! Check out their thoughts on their wedding day...

We had so many favorite moments from the day. Our first look was really special because Erik had been feeling sort of nervous and insecure, and it all melted away in that moment. We also took time to pray as a wedding party before the ceremony, which was so special. We had my grandpa and my dad both officiate the wedding, which was really significant to me because I've always dreamed of my grandpa officiating my wedding, and my dad was able to both walk me down the aisle and marry us. It was special to me to have William and Audrey be our flower girl and ring bearer because they were the first kids I ever nannied 4 years ago and I love them and their family very much! There were also so many friends and family who traveled from all over the world, so seeing them- high school friends, YWAM friends, aunts and uncles and cousins- was so emotional and such an honor. It honestly was overall everything we ever hoped for and there were too many precious moments to describe!!

We decided to do a first look for a few reasons, the main one being that it made the most sense with the timing of the wedding. Since we didn't have a meal at the wedding, we didn't want to disappear for a long time after the ceremony to get our photos done, so by doing the first look we could do all of our pictures before the ceremony without worrying about the whole "groom shouldn't see the bride yet" thing. We also just loved the idea of having those pictures taken of just the two of us seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day! We are SO glad we did it and have no regrets. It was the most emotional moment ever... Erik like fell apart as soon as he saw me and I had no idea what to do! It was so special and intimate to have that moment, and we are so thankful Sarah and David were able to capture it!

I especially was so happy with how our bridal party looked! I honestly had no clue what to ask everyone to wear and just found the idea for the clothes on pinterest, but everyone looked AMAZING. The girls all found the most gorgeous white lacy dresses and the guys looked so handsome in their navy pants, brown shoes, and suspenders. I was so happy and surprised by how great everyone looked standing there together! And it even matched all the decorations throughout the wedding!

Our venue was perfect for us. Erik's friend hung beautiful string lights over the ceremony and the dance floor, we hung these big flowy white curtains, and the tall ceiling and gorgeous wooden wall in the ceremony were all just so perfect.

Your wedding is for you, not for anyone else! Don't worry about conforming to the norms and traditions of "typical" weddings, like serving a meal, having it on a certain day at a certain time of the year, having a huge cake, having your bridal party wear a certain thing, giving out fancy gifts to everyone. You don't need to spend money and energy on planning for things that you honestly don't care much about. Anyone who is coming to your wedding is coming because they LOVE you and want to CELEBRATE you, so you don't need to worry about anyone's opinions but your own. Make it unique to you and it will be so much more special and enjoyable and memorable for yourself and everyone there!


dress/veil: David's Bridal

flowers: Costco

venue: The Pickering Barn

string lights were set up by Uptown Lights

DJ: Marshall Jamieson

wedding coordinator: Emily Jamieson