We anticipated this wedding for a long time. Mikaela is like family to us, since she's our associate Morgan's sister. There's nothing quite like photographing a good friends wedding, and it's even better when it's hand-made in Oregon. These two really do love each other, and they are surrounded by an amazing community of people. We started the wedding journey early on by helping Mikaela pick out her dress at BHLDN (David, too) & ended it on the dance floor with friends in August. We had an amazing time this wedding weekend, and we won't soon forget it! Thanks for hosting us Mik + Lij! Here is what they had to say:

We met at Trader Joe's! Elijah was the cutest cashier I had ever seen and as soon as I saw him in his TJ's sweatshirt I knew I had to meet him.

I lived in Portland and he lived in Medford and he was supposed to come and visit me that weekend but cancelled at the last minute. My sister begged me to go shopping with her that night and I finally gave in. She took so long trying on every shoe. I was passively texting Lij and saying things like "I had so many plans for us this weekend I guess I'll just sit at home now..." When Morgan was finally done shopping we headed home and she took the longest way and I was so annoyed, but I didn't say anything. We got home and I got out of the car and headed to the apartment stairs and all of the sudden I saw hundreds of candles and the words "Will you marry me" up the stairs. I kept saying "Oh my gosh!" over and over as I walked up the stairs. There was Elijah on one knee!

The first look allowed us to have so much more time with our guests. We were able to be with them the entire time! The wedding went by so fast that I can't imagine having to do all our pictures after the ceremony! We also decided to do a first look because it made things more personal. We were able to calm each other down and talk to each other before seeing everyone. We were both really nervous and it helped so much to see each other.


My uncle did the wedding for us and he came and prayed for me before the ceremony. It was so sweet. My best friend's mom was our wedding planner and right before I walked down the aisle she winked at me and said "I love you Mik". Our good friend Rousseaux pulled Elijah aside after the ceremony and told him his dad would have been so proud of him and that he was a good man and Rousseaux prayed for our marriage with him.

I wanted our wedding day to be fun and I didn't want anyone to feel stressed out at all. I just wanted it to be a big party with my friends and that's exactly how it turned out!

When you're planning a wedding, ask for help! Get a team of people who love you and won't add stress to your day and give them some of the work! Also, don't spend tons and tons of money on your wedding day, it goes by so quick and all the details I planned, I don't even remember now. Save it for your honeymoon!

Dress: BHLDN

Flowers: Annie's Flowers

Makeup: Lisa Brasseur

Hair: Jessica Winney

Ice Cream: Sweet Cream Ice Cream