This was a long-anticipated wedding for us! We shot their rainy (AND SWEET) proposal what seemed like forever ago & right away they booked us for their wedding. These two embody hometown sweetheart love. Their parents were friends with each other, so they grew up together. This day was fittingly sweet and nostalgic, especially after enduring long distance together and finally being reunited to get married! The wedding ceremony was held right across the street from Molly's childhood home, and every friend and relative was in attendance. Taylor and Molly, as well as their bridal party, are some of the most fun loving people you could ever meet, and I think that shows through their pictures. Their day was a blast! Here is what they had to say about the day:

Our parents are best friends so we grew up together! Taylor was older than me so we didn't really hangout much. When our parents were on vacation two years ago - he sent me a message asking why we were never invited on these fun trips with our parents. We soon Facetimed after that and planned our first date. The rest was history!

Taylor planned a wonderful day in State College. Much of our dating was done in State College due to me finishing up my Bachelors there and Taylor coming to visit. He created a scavenger hunt with clues where David & Sarah captured photos at each location. They were so sneaky and we all had a blast! We ended up at his Pap's cabin on the lit up porch where he proposed. Best day ever!

We just hoped for a day filled with fun and laughter with God at the center and we surely did get that! We had so many styles tied in because we couldn't pick just one! We definitely wanted dancing and America to be a priority of the day.

We wanted to do a first look to save time after the ceremony and we loved doing it! We didn't feel rushed to get all the pictures in this way!

Our favorite time during our wedding day was the time before dinner that Taylor and I got to play tag with each other while everyone was eating, that was super special to us.

Our advice for couples would be to take a deep breath, relax, and know that everything will be perfect even if it doesn't go as planned. You are marrying the love of your life and when the day truly comes, thats all that really matters! Soak in EVERY moment.

Dress: Cocoa Couture

Make up: Lindsay Hershey

Suit: Fillings

Flowers: Sharon Hess

Cake: Zig's Bakery

Caterer: Zig's Bakery

Venue: My meadow and Brick Gables

Wedding coordinator: Melissa Herr

Pastor: Josh Keefer

DJ: Klock Entertainment