Oh how we love these two. Their story, their lives, their love for each other. It was such a day of family and celebration... I don't want to say too much because their story speaks for itself. 

Our "how we met" story can be summed up by us both being in the right place, at the right time. We first met during Megan's sophomore year of high school at a spring break church camp. Meg was playing guitar with a friend, and Collin walked over to join in. After the week was over, we lost touch for a few months (typical camp life....) especially because at that point, neither of us had texting (Collin didn't even have a phone!) Fast forward to the next summer: Megan was at her physical therapist appointment, and Collin was tagging along yo his brothers doctors appointment at a new office location. You guessed it, same office. Collin saw Megan in the PT waiting room and literally ran in, asked if she remembered who he was (duh. She did) and the rest is history. We exchanged numbers, started talking, and became inseparable friends.

We long distance dated for 5 years while (I) Megan was in college, and the summer before my masters year, I had a feeling it would happen. I spent all summer thinking every date was THE date and it felt like it would never come. The night it did, i had spent the day before in urgent care with bronchitis, and wanted to cancel the date. My mom convinced me to go out, and Collin was on his phone the WHOLE TIME. He told me he was playing pokemon go... we laugh now because i know he was talking to the friends who were setting up the proposal, but I remember being so mad he was on his phone. We drove to a beach to meet some friends for a bonfire, and when we got there I saw a path lit by candles in jars, two chairs in the sand, and a bonfire (with champagne next to it!) At that point... I still didn't get it. I actually said "oh my gosh how cute is This! Someone is having a date!" *facepalm*. When we started walking down the lit path, I realized that it was for me and that we weren't there to meet friends for a bonfire, Collin was proposing. We walked down to the waters edge, I cried alot, and before I knew it he was down on one knee, asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. I cried more, said Yes, and he put a ring on my finger that I later found out he had kept for two. Years.

Megan: my favorite moment was stepping onto the stairs to walk down the aisle. We had one of my bridesmaids (Audrey) sing "at last" by Etta James, acapella as i walked down and as soon as she opened her mouth I was crying. When i look back on our wedding day, that is the moment I remember most clearly.

Rely on your friends and family. If they offer to help, take it. Also, handmade backdrops are awesome but a pain in the rear. Start your DIY decor early. Mostly though, just go with what happens. Our pastor gave a pep talk the day before that revolved around the concept of responding to life challenges with "s'okay." He kept saying that even if the food isn't right, if your dress gets stained, if the music doesn't Start, at the end of the day: you are married to the love of your life. So all the little details, while awesome, don't matter so much. You don't remember what color the linens were, or who wore an ivory dress or what people thought about your day. You remember seeing the person you love at the end of an aisle and realizing that this is where your journey started. You remember your grandpa and his girlfriend TEARING UP the dance floor, and you remember two families uniting in prayer when unbelievable things (both good and shocking) happen on your wedding day. All that to say my advice to couples planning is, when you can't agree, or some thing falls through? Just turn to your fiance, kiss em a bit, and say s'okay.