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It's our hearts desire to tell stories & make people feel beautiful; that their lives are worth documenting and their stories are worth telling. Because we believe they are.



It's our hearts desire to tell stories & make people feel beautiful; that their lives are worth documenting and their stories are worth telling. Because we believe they are.

As your Photographer & Videographer, we want to share with you the wild beauty that we see blooming in your everyday life, in the big & the small. We want to sit beside you and document the brilliant hope shining through each crack. We are believers in Jesus Christ and feel so privileged that He called us to this amazing opportunity of storytelling and documenting unique seasons. It's our hearts desire to tell stories & make people feel beautiful; that their lives are worth documenting and their stories are worth telling. Because we believe they are.


We know we're not for everyone, we're for those who love emotion and inbetween moments. OUR GOAL Is to capture real moments, real emotion, things that happened naturally on your day. We want you to be you, no matter what that means. you see, We're not the traditional bunch, we see things how they are and find the beatuy in it, we like to take risks and see things in a different way. But we want to create timeless images that capture the real you. if that makes you feel something & you let us in, well, let's make some magic.

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The Team

The Team

We're David & Sarah, A JESUS & PEOPLE LOVIN', SOUTHERN LIVIN', NEWLYWED COUPLE WHO LOVE TELLING STORIES. We specialize in natural light portrait and wedding photography & LOVE TO share MOMENTS through video. We're currently located in WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA but we both LOVE to travel. We love TO JAM TO RECORDS, CUDDLE WITH OUR KITTEN OLIVE AND BINGE WATCH THE OFFICE ANY CHANCE WE GET. 


david longenecker & being his wife.
giving gifts.
laughing until you have abs.
getting gifts.
adventures & missions.
being real, not perfect.
anything mid century modern.
living in community.
butterflies in my stomach.
fresh flowers.
lovely people, kind words & jesus christ.


sarah longenecker & everything about her.
making the perfect cup of coffee.
the smell of leaves in the fall.
the coast... any & all of them.
driving windows down.
music that makes ya feel.
beverages, really.
italian food.

Not only do we love working with each other (I mean, really. It's a dream), but we have some killer gals who join us. They are incredibly talented and incredibly kind, They value the same things that we value & we have loved seeing them grow and add their hearts & zest to our business (and our lives!). You may see them around in 2017 (especially if you booked our photo + video package), but for now, our clients will always get david & sarah. 

abby -- assistant PHOTOGRAPHER

Abby is one of the kindest & brightest people you will ever meet. We first met Abby when she was a bridesmaid in a wedding we shot. Her contagious personality & the natural connector in her made it super easy for us to get along & more than that, want to work with her. Her ability to think outside the box & immediately adapt to any situation brings a valued element to the wedding experience. She brings so much joy to every part of the day & the best moves to the dance floor. We feel so honored that she is part of our team & we're so encouraged by the way she treats every person she encounters. She adds so much value to this team & we adore her.

morgan -- assistant photographer 

Morgan is such a sweet sweet friend to both of us. We met Morgan in Kona, Hawaii when we lived overseas for a missions program called YWAM. Morgan & Sarah then lived in Turkey together where they filmed & photographed most of their experiences. She was also in our wedding shortly after that & though she lives across the country, we love being able to stay intentionally connected through having her on our team. Morgan is full blown goofy & hilarious but she's an incredible listener & encourager. She brings an energy to a wedding day that we love & a joy to our (and our clients!) lives. We are constantly floored by the way she loves people & their stories and she has some of the best dance moves on the planet (can you tell our team loves to dance?).


kind words

kind words

David & Sarah were absolutely incredible. They did both my husband and I's engagement and wedding photos and I could not be happier. Upon getting engaged there was one thing I knew I wanted: Sarah. I am in awe of their amazing talent and their incredible hearts and obvious joy. They were amazing to work with and I am stunned by her photos. Will never be able to say enough good things about this amazing (and insanely talented!!) couple!

+the rutherfords +

Sarah & David have done two photo shoots for me, and they have not failed to deliver! Their biggest strength is the ability to make those in their lens feel their own individual beauty as they perfectly capture it. I'm consistently overwhelmed with their talent and commitment to being an expert of their craft. Thank you for seeing beauty in me and capturing it perfectly!

+the mellos+


David and Sarah are not only the sweetest people you will meet but they are so gifted at what they do. They have the ability to tell a very special story of the people they are taking photos of or making a video for. I have NOTHING but good things to say about these two, bravo.

+ the amspachers +

Wow. David and Sarah are absolutely incredible. They shot our wedding photos and we are so in love. Not only do they take great photos, but they make the overall experience top notch. We loved just hanging out with them the day of our wedding. They are both so personable, relatable and just fun! We had really just met that weekend but it was like we had known them for years. Even if the photos weren't as great as they are, we would have still wanted them because they gave us a great experience. Luckily they're great photographers AND great people. They worked with our budget and the fact that we lived 9 hours away. Love them!

+the gutweins+



Q. Do you always bring a second shooter?
A. David & Sarah always shoot together. Two shooters are included in every package. A photo & video package is a little different where we shoot with three (David & Sarah and a third shooter), you can choose to add on a fourth shooter to insure that you have two shooters for photo AND for video.

Q. What kind of equipment do you use?
A. We shoot with Canon 5D Mark III's, Sigma 35mm ART, Canon 35mmL and a Canon 50mm. Those are our go to lenses for portraits & weddings but we do carry along a few extras for when we need something different. For video we use Panasonic Gh4's, quality stabilizations and microphones as well as everything we need to create a quality film for you!

Q. Do you travel?
A. YES! We love love love to travel. Don't be shy if you don't live in our local areas, we are so down for a good adventure.

Q. What does "all day coverage" mean?
A. We believe that there shouldn't be a limit on capturing your story, so we're yours all day & however long you want us! However we'd love to help create a timeline that makes the day relaxing & smooth for both of us!

Q. Should we send you a shot list?
A. We love having a family shot list beforehand (we get all that info in a questionnaire we send out before your wedding!), but other than that, we like to capture things as they happen naturally. We don't want your mom fake buttoning up your dress or your bridesmaids fake laughing. We want to capture you on your day, exactly how it happened in all its raw beauty. We make sure we capture the important details that we see!

Q. How do we receive our photos?
A. All of your high resolution digital images will be hosted in an online gallery, available for you to share and download. Once we send you the gallery, they're all yours and you don't need to purchase anything more than your wedding package. We want to keep things simple for everyone & the way we see it, you already bought your photos. 

Q. Does an engagement shoot come with the wedding package?
A. You bet! We offer you the portrait session of your choice as a complimentary item with the package. It helps us get to know you better and let's you get used to how we work. 

Q. Do you use microphones in your films & can we choose our own music?
A. We do, however we don't guarantee any certain parts to be included in the final film. We try to take the best of the best and create a highlight film that ends up being around 7-10min long. If you'd like to add on (let's say) your dads speech or the entire ceremony, we can add that service on for an additional fee! As for music, we like to choose what feels best with your story & the day. We are open to suggestions from our clients but we like to make the final decision on what will tell your story best.

Q. How far in advance do we need to book?
A. If I have the spot open, it's yours! We're currently booked up about 6-8 months in advance for the summer months but you never know whats available, send us a message and lets chat!

Q. How do we book?
A. YAY, it's easy! Drop us a line on our contact page. From there, we send you an electronic contract for you to look over and sign. Once we get that and your 50% retainer, your date is booked and the train is rollin'!