Q. Do you shoot video & photo together? 

A. We do! We actually prefer it & give a small discount to clients who book both for their wedding. Working as a team together is super fun and easy for us; we work really well together and having a team that works together consistently is really beneficial (for all involved!!).

Q. Should we send you a shot list?

A. We love having a family shot list beforehand (we get all that info in a questionnaire we send out before your wedding!), but other than that, we like to capture things as they happen naturally. We don't want your mom fake buttoning up your dress or your bridesmaids fake laughing. We want to capture you on your day, exactly how it happened in all its raw beauty. We make sure we capture the important details that we see while also capturing those heirloom photos like portraits of your family.

Q. How long does it take to get our photos or film back?

A. As a general rule, we like to say 4-6 weeks for photos and 6-8 weeks for films. This varies on the time of year that you get married but we always try our best to get you your photos & films as soon as we can!

Q. Can we choose our own music for our wedding film?

A. Because we license our music (gotta be legit!) it limits the chances of your song choice being available. We're open to suggestions but can't guarantee that the song is available to license. Part of our creative process is finding music that makes us feel your day all over again. We pay great attention to the music in your film and make sure it fits you & your day perfectly.

Q. How far in advance do we need to book?

A. If we have the spot open, it's yours! However, we're currently booked up about a year in advance, with some exceptions. We are full for 2019 and are already halfway booked for 2020— definitely send us a message for availability & pricing!

Q. How do we book?

A. YAY, it's easy! Drop us a note on our contact page. From there, we send you an electronic brochure to choose your services and get to know us more and a contract for you to look over and sign once you decide. Once we get that and your 50% retainer, your date is booked and the train is rollin'!